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Let's Discuss the Big Elephant in the Room

Racism and Your Brand

Assess Your Brand, Action Change

Brands have the weight and influence to make impact at scale. Be self-reflective and considerate. Consumers want and expect brands to be more than the product or service being sold — it needs to make sense, to add value, earning their place in the culture or community they want to be part of. For us, positive impact comes in many forms. But it does mean respectful collaboration with the people who represent, create, and shape culture from grassroots all the way up.

Ask yourself:

  • Where is your inspiration from?

  • Has your brand profited from POC culture and the community?

  • How can I collaborate with that community?

  • How can I contribute to that culture?

  • How can they become part of gaining the benefit, financially?

Change the Narrative, Invest in Progress

The role of brands has never been more important to play a crucial role in trying to solve global issues and help their consumers navigate the world they live in. Use your brand channels to educate and amplify inclusive campaigns, messages, and actions to your broad audience. It may seem like a risk, but risks are necessary to champion change and progress. And follow through with tangible actions to push things forward with intent and purpose, with courage and empathy.

Ask yourself:

  • Are the brand actions opportunistic and damaging rather than mutually beneficial?

  • Are we using our channels to make people think about racism, educate, or change opinion? If no, why not?

  • Are my brand partners inclusive or do they support racism in any form?

  • Is my brand driving innovation with sustained contribution to change and the restructuring of oppressive systems?

Open Up the Pipeline

The only way to transform the industry to the ideal place is to open up the talent pipeline and pool, and ensure non-token, balanced, and multicultural people on all levels. This must not be measured by a target quota or statistic, this needs to be a permanent and sustainable increase in BAME talent. Consider what biases or changes you and your brand need to address to ensure POC are not looked over for a promotion. Having a different “communication style” and “behavior” should not be reasons.

Ask yourself:

  • How can I and my company be part of career days and career guidance at school level?

  • Is my unconscious bias impacting my decisions on promotion of POC? How can I recognize those?

  • How can my company support an internship financially?

  • How can we instantly increase accessibility for BAME talent: fairly paid internships, mentoring, graduate schemes, funding, interview/CV skills workshops, and fairly paid work experience?

Would love to hear your questions, comments and suggestions as we move forward toward inclusive policy. Reach out to

ABOUT MICHAEL: With many years of experience and himself learning directly from the pros, Michael is the 'go-to' for retail companies going through these types of transitions. He has the connections (suppliers, supply chain, distribution, etc.) and the know-how!

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